Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF) – Should You Opt?

VPF stands for voluntary provident fund. It is the voluntary contribution by the employees towards the provident fund account over and above fixed contribution. An employee will get benefits of the same interest rate as that of EPF. The rate of interest rate is revised annually and declared by the government. VPF is a risk-free […]

Credit card or debit card It’s your choice

Many of us regularly gets calls /e-mail offer from bank appealing us to take credit card. Bank in which you hold your account might have given you ATM (Any Time Money) cum debit card & told you that it is convenient to use debit card for shopping. Now confusion begins you already have debit card […]

Looking for Education Loan – Know these New Rules

The IBA (Indian Banks’ Association) has come-up with new guidelines regarding Education Loan named as “Model Education Loan Scheme” and would be followed by all its member Scheduled Commercial Banks- which means all big private and public banks like SBI, ICICI, etc. The idea is to provide financial support to meritorious students for pursuing higher education in […]
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