CFO plays an important strategic role from the traditional role of supervision in today’s dynamic ever-changing business environment. The CFO today is


  • An effective organizational leader, normally second only to CEO
  • Balance the responsibilities of stewardship with those of business partners
  • Act as the integrator and navigator for the organization
  • Be an effective leader of the F&A function
  • Be a professional and bring professional qualities to the role and the organization
  • Responsible for building the company’s image with stakeholder including investors


We have hands on experience to deal with the requirements expected out of senior finance professionals to bring out efficiency and effectiveness out of business operations. We have hands on experience to deal with the requirements expected out of senior finance professionals to bring out efficiency and effectiveness out of business operations.


 CFO Services

 CFO Services

Services Offered

We can help companies which are not yet ready to commit to a full-time CFO position or, for other reasons, an interim CFO is required. We provide outsourced CFO Services (Full Time or Part Time) which will help you to focus on your key business operational areas. We can offer our services on strategic or operational area on the basis of requirement on full time or part time basis for a pre-defined period. We also provide Virtual CFO services where in one can get an on-line guidance and opinion from Experienced CFOs based on your needs.

Strategic Role

  • In depth studies & evaluation of existing business practices for the implementation & help to remove bottlenecks
  • Help in framing strategies for efficient business operations & managing cost
  • Laying standard systems, procedure and controls
  • Establishing structural reporting system

Opertional Role

  • Continuous review and hand holding on various finance & commercial matters
  • Cash flow modelling, reporting & management
  • Budgeting & Forecasting preparation, analysis & tracking
  • Helping in Implementation of accounting systems & Business procedure
  • Compliance & Legal/Operational risk management
  • Evaluation of new projects
  • Development of Finance/Commercial Team
  • Provide support for operational matter as required

How would services be delivered

  • ProBiz will be assuming typical role of a CFO directly in control of one of the Managing Partner.
  • We will depute senior management person on agreed frequency. If requested, we can also delegate a full time professional
  • The deputed professional will interact with business team for inputs
  • Routine work will be carried out by operational team of business which will be supervised by the delegated professional to make things cost effective.
  • Deputed representative will be available to participate in all matters typically attended by the CFO including business review or call for any major decision as needed.
  • Managing partners will be available on agreed manner to have interaction on specific matters.

We need you to recognise that as an Outsourced CFO, our principle role is in business development and support. We can provide following additional services, more specifically

  • Incorporation of Start Up
  • Tax Planning
  • Legal Compliance
  • Liaison with Investors and other stake holders including in investor relations


What you gain

  • Availability of professional talent at an affordable rate on need-basis
  • Right talent of deployment for efficient and effective implementation of the assignment
  • Quality services through diverse pool of talent available in-house
  • A reliable partner for all business issues

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