National Pension Scheme (NPS) – Should I invest Now?

NPS or the National Pension Scheme was launched in India on May 1, 2009. It is a scheme which enhances social security in our country and its aim is to provide social security after retirement. Before the launch, in India, we had a Defined Benefit Plan. As the name suggests one would get certain pension fixed for the whole […]

20 Small Agriculture Business Ideas

Agriculture business means producing and marketing agriculture commodities such as livestock and crops. It is the fastest growing evergreen field. The business of agriculture can be started with low investment. It has a bright future. The government also encourage agriculture business by providing subsidy and tax benefits. If you are interested in agriculture and looking […]

8 Retirement steps at 50!

Let us say you are 50 years of age and you think that you have another 5/10 years for retirement. What are the steps to take? First question is how can you be sure that you will retire at 60 years of age? Well you can’t. Hence you do not know whether your retirement is […]

Hiring a Startup CFO – When to Hire a CFO and Why

You Need One The value of a CFO for a young company is a hotly contested topic. Many argue that they are unnecessary add-ons and that a small, savvy, well-trained financial team can satisfy the business’s needs. On the other hand, CFOs bring a deeper and more strategic financial perspective that can help companies prepare […]
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