The principle behind Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is that value created for shareholders by the combined entity is more than the sum of individual entities. While in theory this seems to work well, in reality, it comes with a lot of challenges and risks and hence, should not be explored without a sound advisor.

ProBizAdvisor will advise you on all the aspects of M&A, such as

  • Capital Structuring
  • Buy & Sell Side Advisory
  • Hive Off / Restructuring
  • Takeover / Defence
  • Private Equity
  • Investor Relations
  • IPO Advisory

We have a key focus on management of Stressed Assets. Any Asset can be considered as stressed if the revenue it generates is not able to meet all its expenses, which could result in being anas Non-Performing Assets with the Lenders. Assets under stress can either be disposed off at distressed values or will need to be revived. Both these need to be managed differently and require specific set of expertise.


avail-services Stressed Asset / M & A

avail-services Stressed Asset / M & A

Services Offered

  • Asset Management (From Borrowers Perspective)
    • Improving Operating Efficiency
    • Re-Structuring of Loan
    • Induction of new investors and capital
  • Asset Management (From Lenders Perspective)
    • Improving efficiency of the Asset
    • Improved dialog between parties for finding solutions
    • Finding new investors
  • M&A Advisory
    • Valuation of the Business
    • Preparation of Information Memorandum and Pitch Documents
    • Identifying prospective buyers
    • Terms negotiation for deal related documents
    • Due Diligence support
    • Handling issues related to transaction


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