About CFO Services

In today’s troubled economic climate, cost concerns are spreading throughout the business community. As worries increase about excess spending, many businesses are feeling increasingly apprehensive about hiring outside assistance. However, while the tendency is to look inward for solutions to any issues, this may not be the best course of action for the long-term security […]

ULIPs Vs ELSS: Which is Better Investment?

Feb 27, 2019 CFO Services by milind
“Life is a matter of choices”, says John Maxwell. The choices we make affect every aspects of our life. A major choice or decision we need to make as adults is to invest wisely. A secure future is the key to a happy present. Unless we plan a little in advance, we cannot enjoy the […]

GST cut from 12% to 5% on houses under construction

Feb 25, 2019 GST by milind
Demand for residential properties is expected to receive a major boost following the government’s decision to cut the goods & services tax (GST) rates for under-construction projects to 5 per cent from effective rate of 12 per cent. In a major push to stated objective of ‘Housing For All by 2022’, the government has reduced […]

Budget 2019

Feb 25, 2019 GST by ravindra
The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) has reiterated its demand for a uniform 18% GST for all auto components, besides a need for encouraging technology development & acquisitions. The apex body of the Indian auto component industry, in its pre-budget proposals to the Government, has further pitched for increasing the rate of weighted deduction on […]

CFO Services

Finance is the backbone of a business and having a full-time seasoned chief financial officer (CFO) on board is not only difficult but an expensive task. It might be easy for large corporates and MNCs but for startups and SMEs, it is one of the major strategic issues. Understanding the real and practical problems faced […]
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