Financial Mistakes We Should Avoid To Secure Our Lives

Life without mistakes is a myth. All of us tend to make mistakes at every stage of life – from childhood to adulthood. But, with every mistake we make, we get to learn a new lesson and become wiser and more experienced. While childhood mistakes do not matter, mistakes we make in adulthood matter and […]

How to file Income Tax Return Rectification Online?

Income Tax Return Rectification – Recently my friend has received tax demand from Income Tax Dept. He has filed an income tax return before the due date and return was processed by CPC. The intimation of processing ITR 143(1) was also generated and sent to his mailbox. However, intimation is containing tax demand. Before filing income […]

Things you must do for your retirement

First thing you have to do as soon as you start earning is establish retirement budget, amount required by you to run daily expense today + inflation over the year. Once you arrived to that figure you should work forward that how you can achieve that figure. Not only that you should make your financial […]

Famous Credit Card for Self-Employed

A credit card has become an integral part of our life. We cannot imagine our life without credit cards. There are multiple types of credit cards available in the market. Starting from salaried people to self-employed credit cards are available for everyone. For self-employed and entrepreneurs credit cards are more beneficial as it provides multiple […]
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