ProBizAdvisor helps businesses on raising private equity from Institutional Investors / High Net Worth Individuals. Depending on the stage of business, amount of funding required, and risk appetite of the investors,

following are the broad options

  • Venture Capital: For Start Up and younger companies
  • Growth Capital: For proven companies aiming expansion plans
  • Leveraged Buyout: Borrowing most of the required funding amount for making investment
  • Mezzanine Funding: Using both Equity, Debt and also convertible instruments
  • Special Situation Funds: Specifically for organisations in Distress


 Private Equity

 Private Equity

Services offered

  • On any Private Equity, we can offer the following services as complete package or combination
    • Proposal Feasibility Analysis
    • Preparation of Investment Deck
    • Negotiate with Investors
    • Structuring of deal and overall advice
    • Execution of Deal
  • Listing various deals under offering
  • Registering you as investor to participate in any deal(s)
  • Discussion forum for Start-Up deals

Process & Documents required

 Stage After stage
 Preliminary study of the company and its sector In principle or term sheet is issued.
 Detailed appraisal including Legal & Financial due diligence. Final term sheet is issued.
 Signing of documents & completion of formalities Release of first tranche of funds

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